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3132 E. Thompson Street Unit 1D
Philadelphia PA

Arete Complete Performance Towels are made for an active lifestyle.

A perfect slip resistant and water absorbent yoga towel for any indoor or outdoor adventure.

Inspired by traditional cultures, crafted with innovative technology we create the highest quality yoga towel possible.


Perfect for yoga, camping, hiking, tennis, any indoor or outdoor activity.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a performance towel?

Think of a performance towel as a super towel. It does everything cotton does but better. It absorbs a crazy amount of water, up to eight times its weight. The material dries super fast ,its extremely soft and highly durable. When it comes to convenience, our towels weight in under one pound. This makes an Areté towel perfect for traveling and all indoor and outdoor activities.

Is Areté machine washable?

Areté towels can be washed many times. Our material is super durable, you can expect to have your Areté for a long time. We recommend washing the towel before its first use. The material will soften up after the initial wash and tumble dry low.


Yes, we initially created Areté for yoga. Our towels are slip resistant, absorbent and so very soft.  The softness of our towels allows you to go deeper into poses while feeling comfortable. You'll have a hard time using any other towel over your yoga mat.

Are your towels slip resistant? 

Yes our towels are slip resistant! We recommend adding a spritz of water on the towel before your practice.  Although this is not necessary, as you begin to stretch you naturally begin to perspire which will make the towel stick to your mat.

Do you need a mat to place the towel over?

We recommend a mat beneath our towel in a studio setting. When traveling and you want to bust a few moves in your hotel or even upstairs before you sleep at you home, the towel works great perfectly on the floor. 

How long for shipments to arrive?

We take pride in quick shipments, our team will have your package out 1-2 days after receiving your order. You can add on another 4-5 days through transit. So close to 5-7 days from your initial order.

Does thE towel fit to the exact dimensions of a yoga mat?

Yes, our towel is even slightly longer than an average yoga mat. This extra length works great to tuck under your edges of the mat.

Is ARETé made only for yoga?

Nope! we made a towel for all of our active lives. We're a team of tennis, camping ,hockey and yoga fanatics.  Where ever we go, we through our towel in our bag.


Is Areté a cooling towel?

Actually any type of microfiber once soaked in water maintains its chill. So yes, soak this towel down, through it around your neck and enjoy the cold fabric on a hot summer day.