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3132 E. Thompson Street Unit 1D
Philadelphia PA

Arete Complete Performance Towels are made for an active lifestyle.

A perfect slip resistant and water absorbent yoga towel for any indoor or outdoor adventure.

Inspired by traditional cultures, crafted with innovative technology we create the highest quality yoga towel possible.


Perfect for yoga, camping, hiking, tennis, any indoor or outdoor activity.

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Who is Areté Complete?

Primitive red 26x72




Creator Paul Moston mixes his interest in art and sport to create the Areté performance towel. We believe in pushing the boundaries of whats considered athletic. We bring an interesting and new aesthetic to the fitness & fashion world.


Areté performs second to none as a yoga towel. Our high quality material is very soft to the touch. This gives an added layer of comfort to your yoga practice.  Most importantly, our soft material is 100% slip resistant. You won't have to worry about tearing up your toes into a rough material!  Throw Areté into your travel bag and have it for whatever adventure you've got cooked up.